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Shock Therapy

Shock Therapy Dual Rate Spring Kit for Polaris RZR XP 4 Seat

Shock Therapy Dual Rate Spring Kit for Polaris RZR XP 4 Seat

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After your order is placed, we will email you a form which you will need to fill out and email back to us with details about the machine. If you do not email us the form back, you will NOT receive your springs!

Get rid of the collapsed upper spring (tender spring) and ride in comfort with you the Shock Therapy Dual Rate Spring Kit for your Polaris RZR XP! Reap the benefits a Shock Therapy dual rate spring kit can bring to your machine, it will reduce washboard chatters, bucking through whoops, increase bottom out resistance and ride height with this kit. These spring kits are custom tailored any terrain you ride (ex: Desert, Dunes, Mountain Trails, Mud), driver and passenger weights, driving style (ex: Aggressive, laid back, racing), and all of the accessories you have on the machine.

Fits: 2024+ Polaris RZR XP 4 Seat


  • Custom tailored to your machine
  • Increase ride height
  • Increased bottom out resistance
  • Reduced bucking
  • Smoother ride quality over chop and chatter
  • No Sagging
  • Lifetime warrantied springs
  • Springs manufactured in the USA

Shock Therapy's dual-rate spring kit is far superior to a tender spring upgrade or tender spring swap because it will give you greater bottom-out resistance and a more plush ride in light chatter bumps. A tender spring swap only changes the top tender spring and leaves a lower quality bottom spring and does not include the crossover ring which converts a dual-spring setup (OEM) to a dual-rate spring (Shock Therapy).

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